Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Committe Overview

SVE PTA Outdoor Classroom Exploratory Committee Overview

This SVE PTA Outdoor Classroom Exploratory Committee (hence referred to as the OCE Committee or OCEC ) was appointed by the PTA executive officers and given the following objectives and guidelines:

1. Research and visit elementary outdoor learning projects.

2. Secure and/or develop workable outdoor classroom alternatives and recommendations to be presented to the SVE Executive board on January 7, 2009.

3. Secure bids for the outdoor classroom plans and form recommendations to be presented and voted on by February 2, 2009.

4. Act as an advisory panel to the executive officers and committee chairs as we contract and oversee the ground breaking and construction of the outdoor classroom.

5. Members of this committee are bound by the rules regulations set-forth in the SVE PTA by-laws. No member of this committee is authorized to negotiate contracts or commit PTA resources without the prior approval of PTA President, SVE Principals, and the approval vote of the PTA Executive Board.

The OCEC will be overseen by the SVE PTA Executive Officers and the Spring Valley Elementary Administration and will function primarily as a research, planning and designing body.

Committee will be composed of the following:

Stephanie Grosz, PTA Third Vice-President of Fundraising and OCEC Committee Chair will act as the executive officer liaison and contractor for this project.

Kristi Miller, SVE PTA OCEC Committee Co-Chair. Kristi's family owns Big Creek Construction and brings vast construction knowledge to the exploratory process.

Sherri Prather, SVE PTA Campus Beautification Chair and Master Gardener

Emily Christian, SVE PTA Second Vice-President of Membership who has a vision for this outdoor classroom and a very handy husband to boot!

Sarah Iannuccilli, SVE Parent and PTA member (As of Jan. 2009)