Sunday, May 3, 2009

More pictures of progress

Even with all the rain this week, there are fun new things out in the Panther Patch! (Besides a new bumper crop of weeds...)

Special thanks to my husband Rob for taking this ...
and making it look like this!

YES! The long awaited portable outdoor garden sink has finally come to the Panther Patch. This weekend Rob also helped me build the dirt pile box and finished the sink path from the shed that you can see in the background of the above picture. Rob is a handy guy to have around!I also want to show off few new additions to the Butterfly garden. Here is our new sign and rain gauge...

And our moss butterfly topiary. We love this big green guy! The yellow thing is a butterfly feeder. It is filled with nectar and ready to go.

The butterfly garden is coming along so nicely under the care of Mrs. Kinsey!

This week Shae Dickey and Mrs. Hair re-painted Alaska for us. Once again all 50 states are represented on our BIG Panther Patch US map.We also were able to put the ladybug house up and will be ready to release ladybugs soon.
Speaking of homes in the Panther Patch, it looks like someone took advantage of the quiet and solitude from a week of TAKS and rain to build a home! Can you see what these are?
YEP! We have bunnies!

I bet that mommy bunny had no idea she was planting her babies in an outdoor classroom used by over 600 kids. (Here's hoping this does not end badly!) The cabbage that Kindergarten planted may not have much of a chance once these guys start hopping around.

But we can't blame the bunnies as it seems like the Panther Patch is a favorite hangout for quite a few people... Thanks so much to Emily & Kathryn Christian, Jeanne Dittman, Kristi & the whole Miller family, Rob & Kolby Grosz, Shae, Mrs. Hair, and Mrs. Kinsey for all the work you did in the Panther Patch this week!
Next up is the Faculty/Staff Open House this Wednesday.
Happy Teacher Appreciation week!

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  1. I had not been out there in three weeks and was completely blown away today! I can not imagine the time, thought, shopping, shoveling, building and sweating that you all have put into this! What a treat for all of us. Thank you!