Friday, January 16, 2009

The Vision

The Triangle

The trees in this picture are metal sculptures of trees that will be mounted on the brick wall. We are looking for ways to best create these. We have small park benches that will be placed on pavers but will not be mounted. The flags in this last picture are an idea in the works to make this area a bit more whimsical.

The Entrance

This is a sketch of what I hope the entrance will look like. The name has not been decided. We have a little suggestion box up and are urging the school to help us name our new Outdoor Learning Center.

Grade Level Planting Beds

There will be ten beds at 12ft by 4 ft beds. They will be straight, not angled as they are here.

The Ampi-classroom

Quarry block benches will sit on the pea gravel. The pea gravel will be kept in place by a curb or landscape material. The black powder coated chain link is in the fore ground.