Friday, January 16, 2009

Outdoor Learning Center Ideas

I am going to upload pictures of things we want to include in our Outdoor Learning Center here so that those interested can get a better idea of what we are planning.

This is an outdoor area at Woodway that was inspiration for the Outdoor Ampi-theater designed for Spring Valley.

Instead of using these flat natural shaped bolder tops buried in the ground, I hope to be able to obtain quarry block to use as benches arranged in two rows in a half circle. We need these block benches to accommodate 24 kids comfortably. Below are sample pictures of Quarry block.

Below is the bench I would like for the Stone Ampi-theater front. This is what Sandy back has at Cedar Ridge. Also if we can not find the stone quarry block, we may try to make the ampi-theater out of these. (from the ad) "It's a standard garden bench but flip the back to create a bench and desk setup for student journaling, or turn two benches into one picnic table. Made from heavy-duty white vinyl, this bench does not splinter and contains none of the harmful preservatives found in many wood products. It is termite- and rot-proof, and will look like new for years. 59"x32"h."

This is Woodway's entrance to their P.A.W. Our entrance will be smaller than this.
Our Columns will be brick and our sign will be black. More similar to what South Bosque has but with red brick instead of tile.

These are the beds that Home Depot built for South Bosque. Our beds will be similar to these but longer. We also hope to brace the sides of our beds so students can sit on them.