Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last Day to Suggest a Name!

Spring Valley needs a fun creative name for our new outdoor space!
Woodway calls theirs the PAW (Pathways Across Woodway). South Bosque has Mr. B's Living Room.

Suggestions were taken in the comments of this post through February 5th.

We will announce the outdoor classroom's new name at the February 10th PTA general meeting!


  1. The Arbors
    Monroe Meadows
    Monroe's Learning Meadow

  2. maybe Pauls Path, in memory of Paul Saxon--just a thought:)

  3. The Green Monster! HA! HA!
    The Green Valley

  4. Mrs. Monroe's Learning Patch

  5. Growing Room...
    because every child needs room to grow.

  6. The Grow Zone

    Spring Valley Live

    The Sprout Route

    Spring Valley Arbors

    The Arbors

    The Side Yard

    Monroe's Mud Room

    The Spring Room

    The Garden

    Yes I have been thinking about this.

  7. Green Acres

    The Green Valley

    The Bloom Room

    Happy Trails

    Room to Grow

    This is what Kris and I came up with... My mind is gone...

  8. The Green Room

    Garden Valley

    Spring Valley Sprout Room

  9. The Outdoor Academy

    Al Fresco

    The Class-bloom

    The Green Scene

    The Panther Patch

    Green Panther Patch

  10. Here are my top 3 that ya'll have already come up with:

    1. Monroe Meadows
    2. Panther Patch
    3. Green Scene

    Here are a couple more to consider (just throwing words around):

    Natural Knowledge
    Nurture Knowledge
    Backyard of Knowledge
    Backyard Breakthrough
    Outdoor Discovery
    Discover Green
    Green Discovery Scene
    Field of Discovery
    Field of Exploration
    Discovery Patch
    Explore, Discover, Grow
    Wisdom Way
    Learn the Way
    Success Space
    Green Scene of Success
    Learning Live
    Living to Learn

  11. Miss Maudie's Panther Patch
    Maudie's Garden
    Monroe's Growing Center
    Monroe's Discovery Garden

    I think you should name it after Mrs Monroe somehow.

  12. Mrs. Monroe's Green Valley
    or Mrs. M's Green Valley
    Mrs. M's Outdoor World
    SVE Panther Patch
    Panther Pride Outside
    Live to Learn - Live to Give
    SVE Outside Panther Pride

  13. Get a C.L.U.E.(Classroom Learning in a Unique Environment) in the "Green Room"

  14. The O.U.T. Side Classroom (Open Up Thinking!)

  15. Mrs. Monroe's Playhouse
    Mrs. Monroe's Treehouse
    Mrs. Monroe's Greenhouse
    Mrs. M's Garden Patch
    Mrs. M's Clubhouse

  16. Monroe's Green Valley

    Mrs. Monroe's Grow Zone