Thursday, February 26, 2009

Red Letter Day/Night in The Panther Patch!

Today was a red letter day in The Panther Patch! Three HUGE projects were completed.

First Thomas Yourman finished the Butterfly bed for us! It looks GREAT and we know the butterfly population of Hewitt will soon join us in thanking Thomas and Corey Crager for all their incredible help and support! We can't wait to get this bed filled and planted.
There are so many fun things we have planned for this area.

Also today our grade level planting beds were built. ALL TEN OF THEM. Yes! In just one day by two incredible guys, Randy Smith and our very own Jonathan Christian!
Not only did they build the boxes today, they dealt with a setback that would have caused most to just walk off the job. BUT NOT THESE TWO! Nope. After they finished the first box, the outdoor electricity went caput at Spring Valley. Our great bed builders just loaded up their trailers with lumber and equipment and drove a few miles down the road to unload, set up, and finish. Then they loaded all nine boxes on trailers and brought them back to install them at Spring Valley at 8PM tonight! Talk about dedication! We are so proud of these super sturdy great planting boxes.

Oh and they didn't just build the ten boxes today. No. They also built our trellis screens and planter in the front of the ampi-classroom! INCREDIBLE!!!

So, as of 8:30PM tonight the major construction in The Panther Patch is 95% complete!!!

As far as construction like things go, we still have to get the gate and sign in at the entrance, lay the 2"x 2" block pathway, put the shed together, secure everything to the cement that we can and build some art pieces. BUT the lion share of the building is complete. It won't be long before we can start filling the beds and planting.

The Panther Patch is ahead of schedule and under budget. We could not be more pleased. Stay tuned as there will be big developments every week from here on out.


  1. It looks GREAT! Thanks to everyone who's working so hard on this project. We appreciate each one of you!

  2. Everything is looking great out there! Cannot wait to use it! Great job to all of the women working on this! I know it is a huge undertaking but know you are working hard to add a wonderful addition to our school! It is VERY MUCH appreciated!