Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Updated Plan

So much has changed since I made the first computer drawing of The Panther Patch back in December! Of course little has changed on the drawing compared to what has happened outside in the real Panther Patch! We are 70% complete and on track for our ribbon cutting ceremony on May 11th.

While nothing MAJOR has changed on the plan, we have tweaked a few details and added some features. The current drawing reflects some positive changes due in part to excesses in our budget after the bidding/actuals process as well as the culmination of ideas and suggestions from many people. We are working hard to make The Panther Patch something very special for the students and teachers of Spring Valley Elementary. A picture of the current plan is posted below. (Enlarge the image by clicking on it.) Please leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

After Spring Break I will take pictures and try to show some of the real progress we have made outside!


  1. Everyone is so excited about this project Stephanie! Every time I walk by I can't help but smile. I know you are not finished, but what you have done so far is such a huge improvement! This is the best money PTA has spent since I have been at Spring Valley. Thank you! Thank you! Please let us know when it is is time for us to help with the finishing details. We can't wait to start using The Panther Patch!

  2. everything looks fantastic! i'm having trouble envisioning it all though! we're on the other side of the building, so we don't have the pleasure of walking by the windows and seeing the daily progress! looking forward to seeing posted pictures! it's all very exciting. :)